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About the St. Catharines
Electoral District

The City of St. Catharines (Electoral District of St. Catharines) is the largest city in Canada’s Niagara Region and the sixth largest urban area in Ontario.   The city is home to a robust arts culture, active sports and recreation community and beautiful parks and waterfronts including natural trails, the Welland Canal and historic Port Dalhousie.

With a new sports and entertainment centre (Meridian Centre) in the downtown core, a soon-to-be open performing arts centre, an ever expanding Brock University and state-of-the-art hospital, St. Catharines is poised for expansion and growth both from an economic development and population perspective.

Rick Dykstra has worked hard to secure federal funding for many community projects to help move St. Catharines forward.

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$372 Million Invested in St. Catharines

For the first time in a generation St. Catharines is back on the political map in Ottawa and we are getting our fair share of funding for infrastructure and services. Infrasture in St. CatharinesSince 2006, the federal government has invested over $372 million in our community to build infrastructure, grow the economy and create jobs.

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Foreign Credential Recognition Loans Attract Skilled Workers

St. Catharines will benefit from attracting more skilled workers from abroad, including badly needed doctors, under a plan to make it faster, fairer and more affordable for new Canadians and Canadians trained Skilled Foreign Workersabroad to get their foreign credentials recognized in Canada with support from the Foreign Credential Recognition Loans program.

“Canada is fortunate to attract hard-working immigrants from around the world who are eager to earn a better life for their families and contribute to Canadian society”, said Prime Minister Harper, “but financial impediments can make it difficult for these new Canadians to get their foreign credentials recognized, preventing them from filling in-demand jobs.”

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